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Weber Kettle 57cm (gold) One Touch BBQ 5 Stars (1 Review)

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November 05, 2010

Webber Man Dan


After growing up in my teen years with Mum cooking marinated BBQ pork style ribs on her Weber 57cm One touch, I was smitten! Being an avid fan of Weber since then, a new BBQ was one of the first purchases I made when I moved into my first home with backyard. Over the years I have done everything from the traditional Christmas Turkey, to home made bread, to glazed pears as a dessert. I also am an avid fan of soaking wood chips in hot water then have the flavour take my BBQ experience to whole 'nutha level! I not ashamed to say - I LOVE my Weber, and wouldn't trade it in for anything else. The only thing I would say to folks out there is that there is a bit of mucking around with heats beads etc and it does take 20-30 mins for the BBQ to be ready - BUT - well worth the wait!