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Bar-B-Chef Remote Thermometer 4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)

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December 29, 2010

Andrew McDonald


This is the best product ever invented for serious BBQ roasters and is very simple to use. At the start of the cooking, just push the probe into the centre of the meat and plug the other end of the probe into the round radio transmitter. Then select the type of meat and either rare/medium/well-done on the radio receiver and close the BBQ hood. It's that simple. The receiver displays the steadily increasing temperature at the centre of the meat and will beep about twenty minutes before the meet is cooked - enough time to microwave the green vegies and set the cutlery on the table. Radio reception is great. Our BBQ is 12 metres away from the kitchen and on the other side of a foil insulated brick wall. The transmitter takes two AAA batteries and the receiver requires two AA. If you're a BBQ roaster, stop letting the heat out and stabbing the meat to see the colour of the juices every twenty minutes near the finish. The radio probe is the way for a perfect roast every time.