Barbeque Buying Guide

There are so many types of barbeques available in the market it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you and your entertaining needs. Barbeques Galore is a specialist retailer and we have put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you when going through the decision making process.

First take time to consider the following questions:

Barbeque fuel options – Gas versus Charcoal


Great for barbeque enthusiasts who like the taste of smokey flavoured moist food. Charcoal or Heat Beads are convenient, economical and easy to handle.

LPG or Natural gas

Barbeques Galore offers you the option of natural gas or LPG in a majority of Barbeques Galore barbeques, unlike other retailers which offer only LPG.

The benefits of gas are that it heats the barbeque up quicker and you can control the temperature with your burner control knobs. It is quick and easy to light with cleaner cooking.

LPG can either be purchased with a gas bottle from any participating Barbeques Galore store (we also have a 5th fill free program) or you can use a Swap’N’Go service. Check the Barbeques Galore store finder to see what service your local store offers. Please note: only available at participating stores.

Can’t decide on which one is best? Don’t worry, in future, if you do want to switch your barbeque’s fuel source Barbeques Galore can help. Not only can we answer the questions on how to make the switch, but we can provide you with the knowledge to make the whole conversion process go smoothly.

For gas safety tips refer to


If you are close to a power source and under cover then electric offers convenience, quick heating and not the hassle of running out of gas.

Types of barbeques available:

Portable barbeque

Ideal for small balconies, picnics or camping. Choose one with folding side shelves, a detachable stand or a table top model. Various models are available in charcoal, electric and gas.

Flat top barbeque

The flat plate barbeque is the traditional Australian barbeque ideal for cooking sausages, steaks and the big Aussie breakfast including pancakes. This is a no fuss quick and easy barbeque that will get the job done. Some models come with detachable legs. Available in gas models.

Hooded barbeque on cart

The most versatile option in a barbeque. A hood on your barbeque allows you to extend your cooking capabilities to include not only grilling, frying but to bake, roast, cook pizza and smoke as the hood traps heat and the barbeque acts like an oven. You can also extend your purchase of accessories to include a rotisserie. Available in LPG or NG fuel options.

Hooded barbeque to build in

The most versatile option in a barbeque. A hood on your barbeque allows you to extend your cooking capabilities to include not only grilling, frying but to bake, roast, cook pizza and smoke as the hood traps heat and the barbeque acts like an oven. You can also extend your purchase of accessories to include a rotisserie. Available in LPG or NG options. The build in version does not come with a stand or cart so you can build it into your outdoor room, saving money on the purchase price of the barbeque too!

Specialty barbeques to consider:


Takes a little more time to cook and keeps food moist while imparting a unique smokey flavour into the food.


Need to cook whole pieces of meat all day? Then this is the option for you. Available with Charcoal fuel.


Don’t like gas? Or need something for the balcony. Then look at our electric barbeque. Convenient and easy to set up.


Take a look at our flat top portable barbeques or our specialty flat top barbeque designed especially for the footy club house.

Wood Fired Outdoor Oven

A heavy duty oven great for baking, roasting, smoking, pizzas or grilling with an even temperature. No installation required, comes assembled. Once fired up will rise in heat rapidly and will burn for hours.

Modular Island Barbeque

Bring the entire kitchen outside! Great if you have lots of space. Designs are all modular so you can tailor the build to your needs. Options are preparation tables, fridges, sink and barbeque unit.

DIY Barbeque

Going camping? Why not construct your own barbeque with the purchase of some plates, grills and charcoal fuel you can construct a barbeque deep in the ground or in a barrel. Please remember to always check the weather conditions before lighting an outdoor fire.

How many people will you be cooking for?

The number of people you are cooking for will determine the size of the barbeque you will need. If it is just a couple you may consider a 2 or 3 burner model or if it is a large family you may consider a 5 or 6 burner model.

What is the barbeque made of?

Different barbeques and different parts of the barbeque use different materials, for example there is a vast difference in the performance of a barbeque with baked enamel finish and a barbeque with Vitreous Enamel finish. Stainless Steel Barbeques are not all the same. There are different gauges, different grades, different welding techniques; all these make differences in the quality of your barbeque. Our staff can demonstrate the differences between materials and show you how to verify if another barbeque brand is really what they say it is.

What types of gas burners are available?

Gas barbeques come with different types of burners for example: cast iron which make for powerful and even heating or stainless steel for durability. Some barbeques come with enamel coated cast iron burners which keeps them from corroding.

The burners on each barbeque model also come with different output of megajoules. The output of megajoules from the burners will determine the amount of heat in the barbeque.

Burner ignition is an important part of firing up the barbeque, ask your sales representative if the barbeque comes with independent flame thrower ignition which means each burner will light first time every time. Flame thrower ignition with cross lighting will light all the burners at once. Having flame thrower ignition will cut down your service calls for your barbeque and give you peace of mind when starting the barbeque.

The shake test

The shake test can reveal much about how well a barbeque is put together. Too much horizontal movement is a sign of an inferior barbeque, specifically a poorly built frame. Often, makers of bargain barbeques cut corners in the materials they use and the design and construction process. Grab a Barbeques Galore barbeque and you’ll feel the difference.

What does the Warranty really cover?

Read the fine print and ask the hard questions. Make sure you get satisfactory answers. Just because there is a warranty on the barbeque, it does not mean that all components of the barbeque are also covered. All Barbeques Galore barbeques come with a warranty on the frame and components.

Looking for extra features / extra cooking methods?

Looking for something more in a barbeque other than the standard features, ask our sales staff about hotplates, grills, side burners, rotisseries, add on modules and infa-red burner options.


Are you considering a short term purchase or are you looking for an investment in your outdoor room? What ever your budget you will find what you are after at Barbeques Galore.

Technical Support

Barbeques Galore have their own technicians on hand who can assist you with delivery & assembly. After sales service is just as important to us which is why our staff are trained to answer any queries you may have, so count on the experts!


To keep your barbeque clean in the outside elements it is strongly recommended that you invest in a cover for the barbeque to protect it from dust, moisture and rust.

Keep gas cylinders off the ground to prevent rusting.

Stainless Steel

Frequent cleaning will prolong the life of stainless steel and help to keep the finish corrosion free. Rinse with clean fresh water and dry thoroughly. Remove ordinary stains with mild soap and warm water. More stubborn stains can be removed with commercial grade cleaners suitable for use on stainless steel. When cleaning off harsh stains ONLY rub in the direction of the polish lines or ‘grain’ of the steel. If especially rough cleaning is necessary, use ‘stainless’ steel wool or a nylon / plastic type scrubber. Do not use normal steel wool, as it will contaminate the finish and encourage rust. Test these types of scrubbers in an inconspicuous area first as they could mark or scratch the barbeque finish. Scratches in the stainless steel only affect the appearance and in no way do they accelerate corrosion. Scratches can be blended back into the finish by gently rubbing with the grain, gradually decreasing pressure as you move away from the scratch.

Finish off with 3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish to protect the stainless steel surface from corrosion and give it a polished shine.


When cooking is finished, brush excess food residue off the surface and then turn burners to high with the hood open for 5 minutes. This will burn off most of the grease.

Turn the gas cylinder off. Let the barbeque burn out then switch the barbeque burners off. This clears any excess gas from your barbeque hose.

Use Bar-B-Chef Foaming Oil and Grease Remover to heavily coat dirty hot plates, grills and racks. Leave for up to a few hours if necessary to attack fat, grease and carbon.

Half fill a bucket with clean warm water and using a barbeque brush or scourer constantly soaked with water, scrub the cooking surface thoroughly. Lightly coat your cast iron or steel hot plate with Bar-B-Chef Non Stick Barbeque Cooking Spray to prevent rusting. This is not required for Vitreous Enamel or Stainless Steel.

When the barbeque has completely cooled down, close the hood or weather lid to keep the cooking surface dry and rust free. Ensure barbeque is cool before covering with a barbeque cover. See manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance of barbeque body, hood and trolley.

After Sales Service

Your local Barbeques Galore store can help you with advice, spare parts, accessories and fuel needs after the purchase of your barbeque.

“How to” recipes

You will find a series of video recipes on our website to take you through step by step on how to create some amazing dishes

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