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Turbo Classic 4 Burner on Side Burner Cart 4.5 Stars (1 Review)

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January 18, 2012



Hi, I purchased the Turbo Classic after much deliberation just prior to chrismas and I am very pleased to say that I have not in way regretted this decision. The new technology provides for constant balanced heat and allows for much less flare up. I have succesfully used the BBQ for grilling, frying and rotisserring and am very pleased with the performance too date. The double skinned hood provides for excellent heat retention. In terms of design the shelving on the outside provides for plenty of room to manage your cooking requirements. However, one minor design flaw is the basket wthin the bbq that is attached to the body of the bbq and pivots up and down when required. However, if you have the shelf up and then close the lid, the shelf bangs down and pops out of the holders which becomes a little irritating when you forget to lower it when closing the hood. Other than that I would fully recommend this bbq to anyone interested. Hope this summary is helpful to those researching the purchase of a new bbq. Regards