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This side burner built in gives your Turbo even more power to expend your culinary repertoire! The powerful 17 Megajoules (MJ) side burner can be used with pots, frypans or dutch ovens to create food that ranges from stir fry's, soups to boiled potatoes or corn.

The powerful side burner is recessed to maintain a work surface when not in use and for better protection from wind whilst being used.

Create your own outdoor kitchen by including the Turbo Classic Side Burner as part of your easy to assemble pre-fabricated Turbo Island modules.

So don't go past the opportunity to install one today - contact your local store for further details.


  • Recessed Side Burner

    The powerful side burner is recessed to maintain a work surface when not being used - The perfect space saver! In being recessed, the side burner also has better protection from wind when in use, which ideal for the outdoor kitchen

  • Easy to Assemble

    The side burner is supported on rails that slide deep into the main chasis of the barbeque. This makes assembly very simple with a resulting shelf that is extraordinarily strong.


  • Burner Output: 17 Megajoules (MJ)
  • Dimensions: Min 410 max 415mm
  • Installation: Please see installation instructions for further details
  • Assembly: Some assembly may be required

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