Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone

Chosen colour: White
Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone BCPIZST 1
Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone BCPIZST 1 thumb
Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone BCPIZST 1

Product description

No longer do you need to go to a restaurant or own a wood fired oven to make a perfect homemade pizza! Simply add your favourite pizza topping on your pizza base and place in your hooded barbeque on the Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone.

With the Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone you can be as gourmet, healthy or creative as you like with your pizzas. The simplicity, convenience and cost will mean you’ll never need to order a takeaway pizza again!

Measuring 32cm wide, this ceramic pizza stone works by reproducing the intense dry heat of the traditional pizza oven. It distributes heat evenly, allowing steam to escape from the dough during cooking to prevent sogginess.

The Bar-B-Chef Pizza Stone is also perfect for piping hot puff pastry appetisers, quiches, croissants, bread and even cookies.

Dimensions & Specifications


  • Product Type Pizza Stone
  • Dimensions: Width 32cm
  • Material Ceramic
  • Heat Resistant Yes

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