BBQ care 101. Are you taking care of your pride and joy?

BBQ Care

Your BBQ is the hero of your backyard, your heart of the outdoor kitchen. So to make sure that you’re taking the utmost care of your BBQ, here are some pointers to follow and ensure you have a long lasting barbeque to entertain family and friends.

  1. When cooking is finished, brush excess food residue off the surface and then turn burners to high with the hood open for 5 minutes. This will burn off most of the grease
  2. Turn the gas cylinder off. Let the BBQ burn out then switch the barbeque burners off. This clears any excess gas from your barbeque hose
  3. Use a good oil and grease cleaner like the Bar-B-Chef Foaming Oil And Grease Remover to heavily coat dirty hot plates, grills and racks. Leave for up to a few hours if necessary to attack fat, grease and carbon
  4. Half fill a bucket with clean warm water and using a barbeque brush or scourer constantly soaked with water, scrub the cooking surface thoroughly
  5. Lightly coat your cast iron or steel hot plate with Bar-B-Chef Non Stick Barbeque Cooking Spray to prevent rusting. This is not required for Vitreous Enamel or Stainless Steel
  6. When the barbeque has completely cooled down, close the hood or weather lid to keep the cooking surface dry and rust free. Ensure barbeque is cool before covering with a barbeque cover
  7. Refer to your BBQ manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance of barbeque body, hood and trolley.
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