Celebrate International Pizza Party Day with our Favourite BBQ Pizza Recipes

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Happy International Pizza Party Day! This may be the first time we celebrate it, but any excuse to get out the pizza stone and get cooking on the perfect mix of perfectly grilled topping, dripping cheese and perfectly crisped pizza base sounds good to us! Why not use the unseasonably warm weather to get cracking on your favourites. We’ve even got an epic recipe for pizza dough for you to get started and crack out a base. We’re hungry already!

 1. Hawaiian Pizza with Rocket Recipe


Aloha! Hula those hips and check out our classic Hawaiian Pizza recipe. We used the Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill to cook this one up but you can pop your pizza stone on any barbeque. It’s always a crowd pleaser, and can be served up with some of our more creative toppings to keep it fresh.  +Read More


2. Nutella and Banana Pizza


If you’re yet to discover the magic tasty brilliance of dessert pizza, we invite you to do so this today. Seriously, try it. Everyone knows a jar of Nutella and a spoon is true happiness. But what if you combined it with one of the greatest dinner, breakfast and lunch foods, pizza? And even some fruit for the health. And your barbeque? This will melt in your mouth, guaranteed. +Read More

3. Pizza Mexicana


Mexican food is delicious, and we have great news. It can also be pizza! Check out our mouth-watering Mexicana pizza recipe, ready for your Ziggy Grill or pizza stone.



4. Chicken, Plum & Camembert Pizza


Love fancy cheese, tasty chicken and a dash of plum? Try our glistening recipe for barbeque magic and add your own bonus toppings (think crispy capsicum, sundried tomato or meaty mushrooms) for added zing. +Read More


5. Barbeque Meat Lovers Pizza Recipe


Barbeque Meat Lovers is a staple of any self-respecting pizza joint, but doing it at home on your trusty barbeque will take your meat-loving family to a special place. Try our epic recipe on your Ziggy Grill or any pizza stone.


Pizza Dough Recipe


New to barbeque pizza? We have got you covered with the foundation of all great pizza – a barbeque-perfect dough that will get your home-made pizzas crispy every time.










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