How to Buy a BBQ – a Beginners Guide


With BBQs aplenty in the market, making the best choice for your perfect outdoor entertaining experience can be a challenge. We cater for the entire spectrum of barbeque enthusiasts – whether you’re a BBQ beginner, smoking royalty, a killer griller, weekend camper, a luxe outdoor entertainer – or you’re simply looking for a quality value-for-money barbeque. Our range includes the award-winning Ziegler & Brown Turbo gas barbeques, the portable Ziggy Grills, Beefmaster, Alfresco, Traeger, Kamado Joe, ProQ and more.

As BBQ specialists, we’re passionate about entertaining in the great outdoors. That’s why we offer quality products, speciality accessories and expert advice on everything to help you barbeque, grill, bake, roast, smoke, stir-fry, or sausage sizzle.

So if all this still baffles you, where should you begin?


Factors to consider when buying a BBQ

Let’s make your barbeque buying process easier with our list of questions to think about.

What style of cooking do you enjoy?

If you’re looking to break up your daily meal routine with a bit of BBQing, then you’ll need an easy-to-use grill that is quick to heat up, like a gas barbeque. If you’re a weekend entertainer who appreciates the gourmet taste of low and slow cooking, then a smoker would impress guests. If you want to create a little alfresco luxury, a build-in outdoor kitchen could be more your style. Or maybe you prefer the adventurous approach, cooking in the great outdoors with a portable BBQ.

What type of barbeque cooking do you prefer?

Perhaps you’re a stickler for a beautifully smoked steak, or enjoy the chargrilled flavour of pork ribs. Do you want to go the whole hog, roasting one on a spit or rotisserie? Or do you love a good wood-fired pizza? There are speciality range BBQs to cater for the most discerning taste buds.

What is your budget?

Your gourmet grill skills shouldn’t be limited by your budget. We can assure you that whether you choose to barbeque, grill, bake, roast, smoke, stir-fry, rotisserie or sausage sizzle, we’ll have the right barbeque to meet your budget.

Entry level BBQs can be priced between $100 to $400, while mid-range BBQs are between $500 to $1000. These two price ranges would give you more economical value, and straightforward cooking. The higher end price range BBQs $1000-$10,000 can get more sophisticated with a combination style of cooking and unique features like burner technology, higher quality grade fireboxes and accessories.

How many people will you be cooking for?

Identifying how many people you’ll be cooking for, and how frequently, will give you a good gauge of the size of your BBQ. You could have your party of eight queue for food around your 2-burner barbie if they don’t mind the wait. Or it’ll be a fun feast for your party of two, if you’ve got a 6-burner. Most people prefer the 4-burner gas BBQs because it’s a flexible choice for cooking for a family or party.

How much outdoor space do you have? Is storage an issue?

Our favourite question. We believe that no place is too small for a BBQ. Electric barbeques are perfect for small apartment balconies. Do check your body corporate’s by-laws, you might have a gem of space for a kettle barbeque if there’s enough ventilation. Otherwise, there’s always the good old BBQ picnic at the local park with a versatile portable BBQ.

What type of fuel suits your lifestyle?

We know that convenience is important, but that’s not going to keep you from enjoying the Great Australian BBQ dream. If efficient cooking times is at the top of your list, consider an electric, LPG or natural gas barbeque; or a specialty set-and-forget pellet smoker so you can keep your guests company instead of the barbie. Or if you’re all about bringing that chargrilled baby back, then get the fire started with charcoal or Heat Beads.

What brands should you consider?

Our extensive collection of barbeques includes the award-winning Ziegler & Brown Turbo range, the portable Ziggy Grills, Beefmaster, Alfresco, Traeger, Kamado Joe, ProQ, Billabong, Traeger Grills, and the Nexgrill. It’s hard to point to one brand that fits all without going through these questions. However, if you’re already familiar with a brand or two, view our BBQs by Brand and start comparing barbeques to find what suits.

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