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It’s barbeque season, and we want to make sure you’re having a safe time enjoying & feasting in your outdoor space safely. Here’s a few important safety tips to be mindful for your gas cyclinder and bottles for your BBQs.

Important Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Safety Tips

  1. Store gas cylinder in a well ventilated area. These gas bottles should never be stored indoors.
  2. Use a cylinder sealing plug, or a Gasfuse to reduce danger from leaks.
  3. Always keep gas cylinder upright.
  4. Have your gas cylinder safety inspected every 10 years. There should be an expiry date stamp on your gas bottle.
  5. BBQ gas is not the same as automotive LPG. Never use automotive LPG for your BBQ.

Connecting The Gas Cylinder

  1. Before connecting the cylinder, inspect the hose, fittings and rubber seals
  2. If there is any sign of splitting or wear, have the hose replaced
  3. Make sure all connections are tightened with a spanner and then conduct this simple test:
    • Turn the gas on at the cylinder without turning on the barbeque
    • Brush soapy water on all the connections
    • If bubbles appear, then there is a leak
    • Alternatively use a Gasfuse to conduct this test quickly and more thoroughly
  4. Keep the hose free of knots & kinks
  5. To prevent gas leaks connect a Gasfuse to cylinder

Gas Leak Test

As part of your overall safety checks, you should make sure that there are no leaks in your gas bottle/cylinder, hose and regulator and hose. An easy check to use is the soapy water leak test.

  1. Mix a small drop of mild washing detergent or hand soap with water.
  2. Place soap solution into a spray bottle, or on a dish.
  3. Switch on the gas bottle without turning on the BBQ.
  4. Then spray the regular, valve and entire hose assembly up to where it attaches to the BBQ with the soapy water. Or if you’re using a dish of the soap solution, apply with a sponge or brush.
  5. If a gas leak does occur, you will see bubbles will form. And you will also smell gas.
  6. Remember to always test the lot every time you re-connect your gas bottle.
  7. If you discover a leak, please switch off the gas bottle immediately!
  8. Do not attempt to use the BBQ until the problem is rectified.

Transporting a Gas Cylinder

  1. Ensure cylinder has been leak tested
  2. Always keep bottle upright and protected from falling over
  3. Drive with the windows open
  4. Do not store cylinder in a plastic milk crate as this may cause static electricity to build up
  5. Do not light a flame or cigarette close to the cylinder
  6. Do not leave the cylinder unattended in a vehicle
  7. Do not expose the cylinder to direct heat or sunlight in a vehicle or exposed area
  8. Drive slower and with care

Video credit to ELGAS. This video was a Community Service Announcement with tips on keeping safe when using a LPG gas BBQ, sponsored by SWAP’n’GO, Rinnai, Elgas, Australian Gas Association, LPG Australia, and Energy Safe Victoria.

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