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Low N Slow Barbeque Smokers

There are basically 3 choices; Charcoal, Gas and Electric. Watch our video guide to our range of low 'n' slow BBQ smokers here

Charcoal smokers: Unbeatable for smoky flavour but harder to master for first time smokers as the temp is a lot harder to regulate than gas or electric.

Electric smokers: Simple and easy to use. Plug in, set the temperature and walk away. The smoky flavour may not be as authentic as a wood smoker.

Gas smokers: Like an electric smoker, the temperature is easy to regulate. Powered by LP Gas, you’ll have to check your tank to make sure you don’t run out of gas half way through a long smoking session.

OR – Simply buy a smoker box and wood chips and convert your existing BBQ into a smoker!

Fill the smoker box with wood chips and place directly onto the grill with the burner turned on low. Food is placed on the opposite end of the BBQ with the burner directly under the dish turned off.