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How can I roast on a BBQ with the lid down?
When roasting with the hood down the most important consideration is to cook indirectly. This means that there should be no direct heat below the food that you are roasting. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this but the most effective is to remove the hotplate from the BBQ and slide your grills and rock tray or flame diffuser into the centre of the BBQ. Light the two outside burners and set to high. Pre-heat the BBQ until the thermometer on the hood is in the medium to hot zone. Place your roast into the BBQ on a roasting rack in a drip tray. Close the hood and monitor the temperature to ensure the thermometer stays in the medium to hot zone and adjust heat accordingly. Cooking times will vary depending on what you are cooking and the weight so it is always good to have a digital thermometer on hand to check the progress. If you are cooking meat always let it rest before carving.
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