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I have never cooked a leg of lamb using a bbq with a hood. I have one with 4 knobs and its virtually turbo charged. So the question is as follows: With an average sized leg of lamb with veges and so on how long should I cook the roast for?
The principles around cooking times are very similar to cooking in the oven. Approximately 50 minutes for every kilo adding another 10 minutes every time you lift the hood to check on the progress. In order to roast effectively it needs to be done using indirect heat. That is wherever you place the lamb the heat should not be below it. Pre-heat the BBQ to the hot zone using your hood temperature gauge, lift the hood and place your roast inside. The heat should be maintained between the medium to hot zone and this is done with one burner on high and the second burner between high and low. It does vary depending on external temperature and the model of BBQ so you need to check the temperature gauge every now and then and adjust your burners accordingly. It is recommended that you place your roast into a roast rack and place in a drip tray and it is always handy to have a digital thermometer on hand to test whether the meat is cooked to your liking.
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