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Which smoker styles are available? What is the difference between vertical, offset, Kamado and kettle smokers?

There are several smoker styles available: Vertical (cabinet and bullet), offset, Kamado, kettle

Vertical BBQ Smoker (Bullet): Charcoal. Low cost and easy to use, vertical smokers are great for first timers. (Pro Q Fontier/Gasmate $99)

Vertical BBQ Smoker (Cabinet): Usually gas or electric. Square cabinet-like design with drawers for easy access to the water tray and wood chip box (Bradley/Arrosto).

Low N Slow BBQ Smokers

low n slow charcoal smoker

Offset Smoker: This charcoal smoker has a dedicated firebox offset to the side of the main cooking grill. Heat and smoke are generated in the firebox and pass through the main chamber and out through a ‘chimney’. This style has much more cooking space than box or vertical models. Check out our Texas BBQ Smoker here.

Reverse Flow Horizontal Smoker:

Reverse Flow Horizontal Smoker



Kamado Joe Ceramic Smoker:

Ceramic smokers are the true "jack of all trade" barbeque. These smokers can be used as grills, high-temperature ovens, or low and slow smokers. Their thick ceramic walls retain heat better than any other type of smoker while using very little charcoal. Ceramic smokers are easy to use, have better insulation and use less fuel. Browse the Kamado Joe range here

Ceramic Kamado Joe

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