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Barbeques Galore has been in the barbeque business longer than anyone in Australia - over 35 years to be exact. Naturally, over that time, we've gained invaluable knowledge on all things to do with Australia's great barbeque tradition. In fact, we've made it our mission to learn as much as we can about barbequing and outdoor entertaining.

Everything you'll see in a Barbeques Galore brochure, catalogue or inside a Barbeques Galore store is a culmination of the years of learning and hard work. So no matter how you barbeque, if you're looking for guidance, see the people who know more about barbeques and outdoor entertaining than anyone else in Australia - us.

Prices that appear on the Barbeques Galore online store, in store or in any advertising are applicable for the specified sale period only.

Advertised save is lowest save available across all stores, therefore savings may vary from store to store. To be fair to all our customers, we reserve the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities (except SA). Savings quoted in advertising are off our regular prices. Sale items will also be accompanied by a list of participating stores.

We aim to have our core product lines on our Barbeques Galore online store but due to the number of product lines we sell it may not be possible to have our full range online. If an item is not available through our Barbeques Galore online store you can contact your nearest store or call 1300 139 867.

At Barbeques Galore we stand by all the products that we sell. Warranties will vary depending on the product purchased.

All products will arrive with easy to follow assembly instructions and our store staff will be happy to assist you with any queries.

Please contact our online customer service team on 1300 139 867 or by email on Customer service is provided from Monday through to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm (AEST)

Ordering, Payments & Security

Browse the site for products and use the "Add to Cart" button featured on the page to select the items you would like to add to the cart. A stock check will be performed based on your postcode. When you are ready register your details and follow the instructions to progress through our easy checkout process:

Order Processing Stages:

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  2. Account & Delivery Details: This section will confirm your name, email address and telephone number along with an order overview. You can submit your delivery instructions here.
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  4. Place Your Order: This displays a summary of all your details so far. Select the "Submit Order" button and your order number and order summary will appear. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you supplied during checkout.

Once we receive your order, we'll send you an official tax invoice with your order details attached. Please check it carefully and contact us on 1300 139 867 if there is any problem with your order.

Note: Interest free options are currently not a payment method available on the Barbeques Galore website. We suggest visiting your local Barbeques Galore store, where our staff can provide information on our interest free options.

By clicking on the grey "x" button beside the product name you can remove items from your cart that you do not wish to purchase.

If you wish to purchase more then 1 of the same item, simply type in the number you wish to purchase in the "quantity" field for the appropriate product.

By clicking on the "Edit" link beside Order Overview, or the "Previous Step" button you will be taken back to the cart where you can add or remove items as you wish.

You can be confident when you're shopping online with Barbeques Galore.

Barbeques Galore uses the newest technology in public encryption available to process your credit card orders. We recognise the issue of your privacy and security of your sensitive information, and have taken steps to protect your order information.

In other words, your order with Barbeques Galore is safe.

You will be shown a confirmation of your order details in the "Place Your Order" screen. Select the "Submit Button" to submit your order. A message screen will confirm that your order was placed successfully.

A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you supplied during checkout. To view your order you can also select "My Account" from the top menu bar on the website and select "Shopping History".

If you haven't received an email confirmation and are unsure as to whether your order was completed successfully, please contact our Customer Service on 1300 139 867 or email

Order submitted: Your order is being processed by our fulfillment centre.

Dispatched: Your entire order has been dispatched

A copy of the tax invoice will be emailed to you; a packing slip will be included with your order delivery, which is your proof of purchase.

Once you click the "Confirm" button, your order begins to process and you're unable to make further changes.

The technical term for charcoal is a ‘porous black residue, consisting of carbon and any remaining ash, obtained by removing water and other constituents from vegetation substances’.

There are 3 types of charcoal:

BBQ Briquettes: Made from a blend of char and charcoal

Charcoal Briquettes: Made by compressing charcoal, typically from sawdust and other wood products

Lump Charcoal: Made directly from hardwood material and is the most premium charcoal offer in the market due to its natural and additive free source.

Why use charcoal?

Using charcoal as a fuel source offers an ‘indirect cooking system’ which is designed to cook larger or tougher foods that would burn if they were grilled directly. The food is placed next to, not directly over the heat, which allows for a slower more even and flavoursome cook.


Check the specifications on your barbeque or outdoor gas heater to see what type of fuel you will need to operate your product.

Whatever the backyard and whatever the budget, we have a barbequing solution that will meet the toughest cooking demands and fit perfectly into any outdoor entertaining area.

We don’t just load up your car with a box of bits, some vague instructions and wave goodbye. Our professional service staff can deliver and assemble your new barbeque to ensure that it’s set up properly.

If it’s flavour and tenderness you’re after, then a roasting hood is a must. The hood allows you to roast, bake, steam, smoke and even rotisserie cook. Your food will taste great because the hood traps heat, flavour and moisture.

When roasting with the hood down the most important consideration is to cook indirectly. This means that there should be no direct heat below the food that you are roasting. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this but the most effective is to remove the hotplate from the BBQ and slide your grills and rock tray or flame diffuser into the centre of the BBQ. Light the two outside burners and set to high. Pre-heat the BBQ until the thermometer on the hood is in the medium to hot zone. Place your roast into the BBQ on a roasting rack in a drip tray. Close the hood and monitor the temperature to ensure the thermometer stays in the medium to hot zone and adjust heat accordingly. Cooking times will vary depending on what you are cooking and the weight so it is always good to have a digital thermometer on hand to check the progress. If you are cooking meat always let it rest before carving.


At participating Barbeques Galore stores, interest free terms of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months are available.

The Gem Visa card gives you access to promotional offers such as interest free at participating Finance retailers. Where an interest free period applies, no interest is payable on the amount of the purchase during the interest free period. Pay the balance in full before the interest free period ends and you won't pay any interest at all on the purchase.

Credit limits vary from person to person. The information you supply in your application will help us determine your credit limit. If your application is approved, Latitude Financial Services will let you know your credit limit. The minimum amount you can finance at Barbeques Galore is $300.

No, there is no application fee.

Once your account is established, you will receive a welcome letter from Latitude Financial Services. You will also receive a Gem Visa card which will give you access to your account.

GEM Visa

With a Gem Visa Card you can shop interest free at any of our participating nationwide network of Retail Partners.

The Gem Visa Card gives you the ability to redraw on your account as you pay it back. You can now make purchases online, over the phone and worldwide wherever VISA is accepted and get 6 months interest free on card purchases of $250 or more.* In addition you get up to 55 days interest free on all card purchases under $250.*

To activate your card, call Latitude Financial Services on 1300 630 977 when you receive it.

*Interest applies if you do not comply with the terms and conditions. To take advantage of up to 55 days Interest Free on everyday credit card purchases, you must pay the full balance of the account (excluding unexpired Interest Free promotional plans) both for the statement before the purchases were made, and for the statement on which the purchases are listed.

Latitude Financial Services offer convenient ways to pay – Direct Debit, through the online service centre and BPAY® – whichever suits you best. With BPAY your card number can be used as the reference number, we recommend that you update this to the account number when your statement has been received. Please note payments can take 3-5 business days to clear.

Contractually, the minimum monthly repayment required is only 3% of the outstanding balance of the account or $30, whichever is the greater. Making only the minimum monthly repayment will not pay out the purchase within the interest free period.

Yes, at your discretion. There are no penalties for early termination or additional repayments.

Applying for a Credit Limit increase is easy. Simply call us on 1300 630 977, Monday to Sunday from 9.00am to 7.00pm (AEST), and and Latitude Financial Services friendly Customer Service team can assist you with your limit review.

Yes. You can manage your Gem Visa account 24/7 by logging into your account online at using your Card or Account Number that we provided, your Drivers Licence & your DOB. You can view your transaction details, account balances, available credit and make payments.

If you have not yet registered for online access, simply register your details online or alternatively call us on 1300 131 024.

There is a $99 annual fee, charged on the account open date and annually on the anniversary of the account open date.

Latitude Financial Services is a leading consumer finance provider in Australia and New Zealand.

While Latitude may be a new name in the consumer finance market, they have been providing Australians and New Zealanders with sales finance, credit cards, personal loans and consumer credit insurance since 1995. Their 2,200 staff serve more than 2.5 million customers, and their products are firmly established in Aussie and Kiwi homes.

Their long-standing relationships with some of the region’s most iconic and successful retailers are key to their success. They understand the value of strong partnerships and are always looking for new ways to empower people, partners and customers with the choices and support their customers need to pursue their goals. So whether their customers are renovating homes, organising a holiday, consolidating debts, looking for an everyday credit card, or want insurance peace of mind, Latitude Financial Services have innovative finance options to meet your needs.

Low N Slow Barbeque Smokers

Smokers aren’t like the traditional BBQs you’re used to. Instead of putting your food directly onto the grill over direct heat to cook for a short amount of time, smokers use low and slow heat combined with smoke and moisture to infuse food with a smoky flavour when cooking. The trick is to smoke at a low temperature for a long time. The minimum should be two hours of smoking at 100-120 degrees to infuse that smoky flavour into your meats. Of course, cooking times will vary depending on the cut and size of meat so our tip is to use a meat thermometer to make sure it’s cooked through. Check out our recipe for pulled lamb shoulder here. Check out our guide to our range of BBQ smokers here.

It’s important to note that our products are designed to be used for hot smoking only. Hot smoking refers to a cooking technique that uses both heat and smoke to cook your food. Most popular items to smoke are ribs, brisket, lamb and chicken. Since the meat is served immediately, proteins being hot smoked don't require curing. Cold smoking refers to a method of preserving meat to extend its shelf-life without exposing it to heat, usually at temperatures below 30C. We recommend cold smoking be performed by trained professionals in accordance with food safety standards.

There are basically 3 choices; Charcoal, Gas and Electric. Watch our video guide to our range of low 'n' slow BBQ smokers here.

Charcoal smokers: Unbeatable for smoky flavour but harder to master for first time smokers as the temp is a lot harder to regulate than gas or electric.

Electric smokers: Simple and easy to use. Plug in, set the temperature and walk away. The smoky flavour may not be as authentic as a wood smoker.

Gas smokers: Like an electric smoker, the temperature is easy to regulate. Powered by LP Gas, you’ll have to check your tank to make sure you don’t run out of gas half way through a long smoking session.

OR – Simply buy a smoker box and wood chips and convert your existing BBQ into a smoker!

Fill the smoker box with wood chips and place directly onto the grill with the burner turned on low. Food is placed on the opposite end of the BBQ with the burner directly under the dish turned off.

There are several smoker styles available: Vertical (cabinet and bullet), offset, Kamado, kettle

Vertical BBQ Smoker (Bullet): Charcoal. Low cost and easy to use, vertical smokers are great for first timers. (Pro Q Fontier/Gasmate $99)

Vertical BBQ Smoker (Cabinet): Usually gas or electric. Square cabinet-like design with drawers for easy access to the water tray and wood chip box (Bradley/Arrosto).

Offset Smoker: This charcoal smoker has a dedicated firebox offset to the side of the main cooking grill. Heat and smoke are generated in the firebox and pass through the main chamber and out through a ‘chimney’. This style has much more cooking space than box or vertical models.

Ceramic smokers are the true "jack of all trade" barbeque. These smokers can be used as grills, high-temperature ovens, or low and slow smokers. Their thick ceramic walls retain heat better than any other type of smoker while using very little charcoal. Ceramic smokers are easy to use, have better insulation and use less fuel.

So you’ve got your smoker and you’re ready to smoke. Here’s a handy cheat sheet to make sure you pick the right wood chips, chunks or pellets for the perfect flavour every time!

low n slow BBQ cheat sheet what wood to use