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Gas Safety Gauge

Chosen colour: Black,Gold
Product ID: GSGAU
Gas Safety Gauge GSGAU 1
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Gas Safety Gauge GSGAU 1

Product description

Don’t run out of gas at the wrong time, or refill your LPG gas cylinder before it’s needed – More importantly, from gas leaks with the Gas Safety Gauge!

The Gas Safety Gauge is a handy, low cost, all in one gas safety device that will show your gas cylinder level at a glance, detect gas leaks and, automatically shut off the gas in the event of a major leak.

Quick and easy to fit on all POL cylinders, the Gas Safety Gauge also features a night glow dial face for better viewing in low light. Its solid construction from brass and aluminium means that the Safety Gauge is built to last for many years.

This model is designed for use in Australia and other countries where POL fitting gas equipment is available.

The Gas Safety Gauge is perfect for your gas BBQ, gas patio heater, caravan and many other POL fitting products.

Dimensions & Specifications


  • Product Type
    Gas Safety Gauge
  • Dimensions: Height
  • Dimensions: Width
  • Dimensions: Depth
  • Material
    Brass, cast alloy and phenolic.

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