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Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater

Chosen colour: Metallic Black
Product ID: MXMN1000
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Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater MXMN1000 2
Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater MXMN1000 3
Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater MXMN1000 2 thumb
Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater MXMN1000 3 thumb
Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater MXMN1000 2
Maxiheat Manor 1000 - Radiant Heater MXMN1000 3

Product description

The sleek, classic composition of the Maxiheat Manor 1000 represents superior craftsmanship and performance, warming lounges and living areas with ease. Maxiheat have delivered a model perfectly suited to the small home, capable of heating up to 150 squares. The Manor 1000 is an energy savvy solution, covered by a five year firebox warranty.

Finished with a metallic black paint finish, the Manor 1000 features a steel baffle; a robust 5mm steel firebox; fire brick lining; hardy ceramic door glass and flue as an optional extra, to make the most of the flames. Maxiheat values the safety and satisfaction of their customers, with the inclusion of a cool-to-touch handle.

Dimensions & Specifications


Will this product fit my space?

The information provided is intended for reference only. Please verify any critical dimensions before design or construction expense is incurred.


  • Heating Type
    Freestanding Wood Heater
  • Heating Style
  • Area Size
    Indoor Small
  • Capacity (m²) output
    150 Square Metres
  • Fuel
  • Emissions
    2.5 g/kg
  • Dimensions: Height
  • Dimensions: Width
  • Dimensions: Depth
  • Firebox Material
    5mm steel firebox lined with firebricks
  • Firebox Warranty
    5 Years

Manuals and Clearance Information

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

We understand that buying a wood heater can be a big decision. To help transform your home into a warm, comfortable living space in winter, here are some simple considerations to find your perfect heater.

Quick Questions to Ask Before Buying a Wood Heater

  • How many rooms would you like to heat? How big are the rooms?
  • Is your home single or double-storey? Is it well insulated?
  • Will you be using other types of heating?
  • Do you have an existing fireplace?
  • Where do you live? Your region's climate?
  • Is the wood heater you’re looking for certified by the Australian Home Heating Association?
  • Where will the wood come from and how much will it cost?

How many rooms do you want heated? How big are they?

Determining the size, space and layout of your home requirements would help you decide what type of heating style and coverage is suitable. Convection heaters are ideal for rooms or homes with standard ceiling heights, while radiant heaters are great for rooms with high ceilings. If your home is well insulated, you may not need too powerful a heater. But also consider the layout of your home, and if you will be using other types of heating appliances.

Do you have an existing fireplace?

An existing fireplace means you can upgrade with our range of inbuilt insert heaters. We also have a wide range of freestanding wood heaters or zero clearance heaters for homes that don’t.

How would you like your heater installed? Is your home single or double-storey?

The type of home you have will be an important consideration to your wood heater installation requirements. Your heater could be installed as a 45 degree wall penetration, floor penetration, cathedral ceiling install or an insert installation. Each installation type will help determine the length of flue kits, roof flashing and extra components needed for your wood heater. Read more about the different installation types and requirements.

Where do you live?

If you live on the coastal region of Queensland, you may only need smaller heater coverage. If you live in a colder the regions like Tasmania or Victoria, you should consider a wood heater with higher coverage for a small room. If you’re in a bushfire prone area, you’ll need to consider a BAL rated roof flashing. There's plenty to consider based on where your home is.

Is your wood heater certified by the Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA)?

All wood heaters must adhere to the Australian Standard for wood heater emissions (AS/NZS 4013) to ensure that they are clean burning and environmentally responsible. All of the wood heaters sold at Barbeques Galore are certified and complies with the AS/NZS 4013. If you're looking at other wood heater brands, you can visit the AHHA website for a list of certified wood heaters.

Need more help? Our staff who are fully trained on wood heating requirements will be happy to assist with your selection and installation requirements. Please call us at 1300 301 392 or visit your closest store. Or learn more about wood heaters on our Wood Heating 101 article.