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Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark

Chosen colour: Ironbark
Product ID: GHSLI16K
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Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark GHSLI16K 2
Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark GHSLI16K 3
Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark GHSLI16K 2 thumb
Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark GHSLI16K 3 thumb
Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark GHSLI16K 2
Norseman Silhouette GLI Insert - Ironbark GHSLI16K 3

Product description

With design inspired by European winters, the Norseman Silhouette series offer a stylish and extremely efficient home heating solution.
Perfect for heating medium to large sized rooms, the Silhouette GLI insert wood heater covers up to 280 square meters. Designed to fit seamlessly into an existing brick chimney, get the benefits of a traditional open fireplace without the ashy mess and maintenance an open fire requires. Constructed from 6mm thick steel, the firebox is lined with SKAMOLEX™ for optimum efficiency and durability.

The smart, automated fan switches on/off when the heater reaches optimum temperature to ensure the heater operates at maximum efficiency. One of the cleanest burning heaters on the market, the Silhouette GLI boasts low emissions of 0.9g/kg. Featuring a large curved glass door for a near panoramic glow, the Silhouette GLI insert heater is available in both pewter and ironbark colours and is covered by Norseman’s 10 year firebox warranty. If you like the look of a built-in fireplace but don’t have an existing brick chimney, simply use the GLI insert with the compatible Maxiheat Zero Clearance box to achieve the same effect without any major structural re-construction.

Dimensions & Specifications


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  • Heating Type
    Insert Wood Heater
  • Heating Style
  • Area Size
    Indoor Large
  • Capacity (m²) output
    Heats up to 280 m² (28 squares)
  • Fuel
  • Efficiency
  • Emissions
  • Dimensions: Height
    Fascia: 705mm Cabinet: 600mm
  • Dimensions: Width
    Fascia: 980mm Cabinet: 687mm
  • Dimensions: Depth
    Fascia: 475mm Cabinet: 457mm
  • Firebox Material
    6mm Steel Lined with Skamolex
  • Flue Diameter
    6 Inch
  • Recommended Flue Kit
    Maxiheat Chimney Kit
  • Firebox Warranty
    10 Years
  • Warranty Other
    12 Months
  • Fan
    3 Speed Fan
  • Overnight Burn Time
    up to 7 hrs
  • Was Price

Manuals and Clearance Information

Basic Installation Kit

Basic Installation Kit

While shopping for your wood heater with us online, you will need to manually add the installation components. These components will vary, based on your home’s requirements; such as whether you're replacing a current wood heater, or installing one for the first time in a single or double storey home. To make it easy for you, we have recommended some of the more basic components you may need on this page.

In most installations, you will need a flue kit, a roof flashing, and maybe a hearth. There could also be other components that we may not have available on our website, but we’ll help you when you come in-store to collect your order.

It is important that your heater and each component is perfect for your home. We are here to help! Our staff who are fully trained on wood heating requirements will be happy to assist. Please call us at 1800 978 555 or visit your closest store. Or read our Wood Heating 101 article.

Recommended flue kit

Choosing the right flue system is as important as your choice of wood heater. To get the maximum performance from your wood heater, we strongly recommend the Maxiheat flue system that are designed, tested and approved to Australian Standard (AS2918). Please note that these flue kits are a set length. Depending on your home installation, you may require multiple kits. Read the Buying Guide for more information.

The following flue kits are recommended for your selected wood heater:

Recommended roof flashing

Every flue system must be flashed (sealed) at the point where it exits the roof lining. The choice of roof flashing depends on your roof type – whether it is a tile or metal roof; and if you live in a bushfire prone area.

The following roof flashing are recommended for your selected wood heater:

Recommended hearth

Wood heaters can expel a lot of heat, so a hearth is a great way to protect your home if you have carpet, timber and any combustible flooring. It is also a great way to limit cleaning wood or ash to the direct area beside your heater. Check your heater’s hearth clearance requirements to determine which size will suit your home.

The following hearth are recommended for your selected wood heater: