The Modern Country Club Home

A large backyard means you’ll be spoilt for choice for your outdoor entertaining space. You’ll be able to choose multiple outdoor furniture pieces and even have more than one BBQ to suit your cooking style. Here’s a beautiful modern country club residence we recently made-over.

Contempo 2 Piece Day Bed
Kamado Joe Classic Divide & Conquer - Black
Shelta Byron 3.3 Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella - Sandstone
Pro Smoke Charcoal Briquettes 4kg

Contempo 2 Piece Day Bed

Kamado Joe Classic Divide & Conquer - Bl

Shelta Byron 3.3 Cantilever Outdoor Umbr

Pro Smoke Charcoal Briquettes 4kg

With a large space to design, a great starting point in selecting the right furniture setting is to decide how many people you regularly entertain, and when it’s just you and the immediate family, what would you love doing in your outdoor space?

This home had a generous covered space for a party of eight to comfortably sit-down and dine. The Contempo 8-seater dining setting was the perfect piece to refresh their existing wide 10-seater table, giving guests good clearance space to move around. The modern dark grey wicker with brushed aluminium detail in the Contempo range was chosen because it complements the home’s neutral tiled flooring and light grey timber panel walls rather elegantly.

With a modern outdoor entertaining area, a makeover can be as simple as updating furniture settings and your BBQ, while keeping in mind how the space will be utilised. The metal heavy 10-seater dining setting positioned in the veranda had a functional purpose, but not necessarily comfortable for guests. The BBQ positioned on the other side of the pillar meant that the host was slightly removed from guests seated at the dining area.

Contempo 2 Piece Day Bed
Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite 4 Burner Island BBQ Module in Alustone
Contempo 9 Piece Dining Setting

Contempo 2 Piece Day Bed

Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite 4 Burner Isl

Contempo 9 Piece Dining Setting

An update to a bold contemporary 8-seater wicker dining setting spruced up the look of this dining area, while providing functional space for an amazing BBQ with plenty of bench space for food preparation. This means that the host can cook and be a part of the chatter with guests at the dining table. The choice of wicker and darker tones creates a more cosy and warming atmosphere, in contrast to the white wood panel and grey walls.

In selecting servingware pieces, we took inspiration from the natural tones of greens surrounding this home’s beautiful space. The blue and white melamine bowls and plates (available in-store) subtly contrasts the Contempo’s spraystone dining tabletop, while reminding guests of the open blue sky. Thanks to the high ceiling open verandah.

With the dining table space slightly more compact than before, this meant that we could fit a Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite BBQ Island module in parallel to the dining setting. The host is now able to mingle with guests at the dining table while cooking or preparing, instead of being positioned away from guests on the side where their old BBQ lived.

Where the host’s old BBQ lived along the other narrow corridor space, we chose a Kamado Joe Classic Divide & Conquer in Black to sit away from guests, smoking delicious cuts of meats low and slow. Since this style of cooking requires less attention. The Kamado Joe’s locking caster wheels makes for easy manoeuvrability for the host to wheel away when not in use, too.

For some downtime on the green, the Contempo 2-piece day bed is an excellent piece to stretch and laze around under the sun, while staying sunsafe with a Shelta Byron cantilever umbrella.

All in all, a simple change and update of furniture pieces and positioning of the BBQ changes the dynamics of this entertaining space to become cosy and practical.

All outdoor furniture, BBQs and servingware used in this makeover are available in-store or online. Do you have a smaller outdoor space? Be inspired by our Urban Apartment Balcony makeover.

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