Pro Q Smart Fire Package Deal



  • Pro Q Fronier BBQ
  • Smartfire Controller
  • 1x BBQ Probe & clip
  • 3x Food Probe
  • DC Barrel to USB cable

The ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker is designed for any method of cooking, be it BBQ grilling, roasting, meat smoking and water smoking for creating delicious meals. This smoker is made from a fully vitreous enamelled steel body with a modular design so it easily locks together. By removing the two middle sections or 'stackers,' the ProQ Frontier will easily turn into a portable, kettle BBQ - Ideal, easy transportation for camping trips, picnics or the beach!

Smartfire is a BBQ accessory for charcoal smokers that monitors and controls the temperature of the smoker. It precisely maintains a target ambient temperature by regulating the airflow to the fire. You set what food you are cooking and target BBQ temp via the smartphone app, light the fire and Smartfire will control the smoker and let you know when it's ready.

The world first design simplifies the traditional mess of wires into a single unit that easily attaches to your smoker. It uses standard 5V USB power which means you can power it from a spare charger, mobile device power bank, or even a solar panel. The best part is your Smartfire is designed to be internet connected. Set it up with your wifi credentials and then you can remotely monitor and control it via your phone from anywhere. This means you aren't chained to the smoker anymore. You are free to enjoy your time with your friends and family while Smartfire does the rest.

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ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker   +$0.00
Smartfire Controller Universal Fire Pack   +$0.00
Fully Porcelain Coated
Strong, fully porcelain coated 1mm steel walls for consistent temperature control. Fantastic for a long lasting finish in the Aussie outdoors.
Internal Temperature Gauge
Internal temperature gauge on lid, and 3 adjustable vents in base and 1 in lid for greater temperature control.
Stainless Steel Grill Grates
Stainless steel does not corrode or rust as easily as iron, making it a highly durable metal.Stainless steel grill grates are super easy to clean and maintain, which makes them perfect for cooks who prefer low maintenance.
Unique Stacker System
The stacker system makes the ProQ one of the most versatile smoker / grill / roasters on the market. Easily converts into a portable kettle BBQ or add an extra stacker to increase capacity.
Robust Hangers Included for Fish & Meat
The included hangers give you the ability to be truly flexible when it comes to sizes and shapes of meat.
Dimensions & Specifications
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  • Type
  • Fuel
  • Dimensions: Width
  • Dimensions: Depth
  • Dimensions: Height
  • Primary Cooking Area Dimensions
    430mm diameter
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Warranty On Firebox
    1 Year
  • Includes
    Folding metal handles for easy transportation, fish hanger and water pan for water smoking
  • Assembly
    Some assembly may be required