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Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) Burner with Quartz Dome

Product ID: ZGBRQT
  • Refer to store team whether your model Turbo barbeque is suitable for use with RQT burners.
  • A gasfitter may be required to install RQT burners in some models.

The award winning Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burners are a fantastic way to cook your meat - seals in the goodness and cook even the fattiest foods with minimised flare-ups. So in turn, the RQT burners will deliver better flavour and texture to your meal.

Add a couple of extra RQT burners to your new Turbo Classic to extend the POWER of your cooking experience.

Purchase another grill and double the grill capacity on your BBQ and keep your hotplate aside for pancakes and fried eggs, everything else can then be cooked on your "All Grill" RQT burners for twice as many guests.

The quartz dome acts as a lens, trapping heat from the burner, then magnifying it directly under the grill. Falling fats and oils vapourise or roll off the dome before they have a chance to ignite. Adjust the burner power setting to stay in control of flare, depending on the fattiness of the food you're cooking.

To clean the quartz dome, simply burn on high for a few moments and pour cold water over it to remove any carbonised build up.

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