Ziggy Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Natural Gas Model - Gunmetal Grey with Cart

  • Now offering a 7 year comprehensive warranty
  • Firebox and hood are die-cast from thick, heavy duty aluminium
  • Signature flame thrower ignition means your BBQ will light first time, every time
  • Matt vitreous enamel cast iron grills are easy to handle and dishwasher safe
  • Independently operated stainless steel burners
  • Massive high-domed hood that can be used both open and closed

The Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Bundle Pack is here! This bundle includes: a Gunmetal Grey Ziggy by Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill BBQ in NG and Ziegler and Brown Twin Cart.

With its European-inspired design, this high-performing compact BBQ, will impress your guests anywhere from the backyard to an inner-city balcony. This stylish barbeque delivers outstanding power with the flexibility to cater for an intimate dinner or a crowd of friends. Experience the versatility of two independently operated stainless steel burners and a massive high-domed hood that can be used both open and closed! Leave the hood open for a mixed-grill feast or succulent seafood. Close the hood for easily controlled baking and roasting – perfect for pizzas and cakes and large enough to handle a standing rib roast or even a whole turkey! The factory calibrated temperature gauge built into the roasting hood ensures a consistent cooking temperature. Use one or both burners for powerful direct grilling or use just one burner for indirect roasting. Cook smaller meals using just one burner and save on gas!

Made from cast iron with a matt vitreous enamel finish, both cooking grills are easy to handle and dishwasher safe. The grills come in two halves that can be replaced with optional accessories. The optional reversible hotplate features one smooth side - ideal for frying up pancakes, eggs and bacon; and a griddle side - perfect for cooking fatty meats like sausages and chops ensuring oils don’t fall directly onto the burners, causing potential flare-ups. Ziggy’s signature flame thrower ignition means your BBQ will light first time, every time. With both burners alight, if either side goes out, the other will automatically re-light it. The firebox and hood are die-cast from thick, heavy duty aluminium - not just stamped out steel. It’s built tough, meaning you can leave your Ziggy outside, year after year. It’s easy to see why the Ziggy Twin Grill Ziggy is fast becoming an Aussie favourite.

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Ziegler & Brown Mobile Cart - Twin Grill   +$0.00
Ziggy Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill Natural Gas Model - Gunmetal Grey   +$0.00
High Domed Hood
The large hood over the compact size means you’re not sacrificing on space. The Ziggys high dome has the capacity for larger roasts, you can even cook a whole Turkey!
Durable, Easy to Clean
Cleaning is a breeze with the Ziggys fully dish washer safe grills and hotplates. The surface resists acid and alkali attacks from both food and cleaners.
Lights up first time, every time
Save time and get right to it with the Ziggys flamethrower ignition system. This ensures you're not fussing around with matches, batteries or burning fuels and get straight to cooking your meals. Anytime you want to get your cook going, a simple flick of the switch will see the Ziggy firing up the first time - every single time.
Easy Drip Tray Access & Cleaning
With easy access from the back of your Ziggy, cleaning is a breeze. This handy fat collector holds a foil tray so cleaning is as simple as replacing the tray when it fills up.
Folding Shelves For Seamless Storage
The handy folding side shelves on your Ziggy mean storage is easier than ever. These shelves fold up and sit in holders on the side of the BBQ or can be removed all together.
Handy Hotplate Storage In Optional Cart
The optional cart has a dedicated storage compartment for optional accessories including your hotplate. The huge condiment shelf on the front of the cart is also perfect for storing all the essential rubs and sauces right in front of the chef.
Optional Half Hotplate
Built to Ziegler & Brown’s highest quality standards, the reversible grill is manufactured from cast iron with a matt vitreous enamelled finish that is non-stick and rust protected, and is designed to retain heat for even cooking. Cleaning is a breeze - when you’re done cooking, simply wash in warm soapy water or easily drop your reversible hotplate into your dishwasher.
Optional Trivet
Designed specifically to replace one half of the cooking grill, the trivet sits in the firebox and acts as a holder for pots, pans and woks. The stainless steel trivet is also reversible; For smaller pots use the built in recessed holder or turn it over to use with larger pots and woks.
Dimensions & Specifications
Will this product fit my space?
The information provided is intended for reference only. Please verify any critical dimensions before design or construction expense is incurred.
  • Type
  • Fuel
    Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Conversion Available
  • Dimensions: Height Hood Open
  • Dimensions: Height Hood Closed
  • Dimensions: Width
  • Dimensions: Depth
  • Control Panel
  • Number Of Main Burners
  • Main Burner Type
    Stainless Steel
  • Main Burner Megajoules (Each)
    9.05Mj (18.1Mj Total)
  • Main Burner Ignition
    Flame Thrower
  • Primary Cooking Area Dimensions
    570mm x 420mm (oval)
  • Firebox Material
    Cast Aluminium
  • Roasting Hood
    Cast Aluminium
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Cart/Trolley (optional)
  • Wheel Type
    Rubber Capped Feet
  • Warranty
    7 Years Comprehensive Warranty
  • Assembly
    Some assembly may be required
  • Hotplate
    Matt Vitreous Enamelled Cast Iron