Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic BBQ

Ziegler & Brown Turbo 

Understated Elegance

Perfect for the BBQ enthusiast ready to take it to the next level




Take your cooking to the next level

Here are five reasons why the Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic is your perfect outdoor grilling companion:

More Heat Retention

Cook faster and more efficiently with the best double skin firebox and hood in the business. With the Turbo Classic's fully welded firebox, you get double the insulation and greater heat retention for better temperature control.

Your food won’t dry up and you will serve up delicious and succulent meats every time you put your chef’s hat on.

Turbo Classic Heat Retention
Flame Thrower Ignition
Lights up first time, every time

Save time and get right to it with the Turbo Classic's flamethrower ignition system. This ensures you're not fussing around with matches, batteries or burning fuels and get straight to cooking your meals.

Anytime you want to get your cook going, a simple flick of the switch will see the Turbo Classic firing up the first time - every single time.

Unique Burner System

The Turbo Classic is unique because you get traditional cast iron burners and the unique Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burner system. The RQT gives you a more controlled, high powered, energy efficient system that increases radiant heat and reduces convected heat, so you use less energy over the long haul. The quartz dome vaporises dripping fat so you get a safer cooking experience, which means you can flame grill the fattiest cuts of delicious meat without worrying about the flare ups. This will give you better flavour and better meat texture, every time. Best of all, these are the easiest burners to clean-up after!

Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burner system
Turbo Classic enamel grill and hotplate
Durable, Easy to Clean

With the matt vitreous enamel surface of the grill, you get less sticking when you cook so it’s easy to get your food off the griller and onto the plate. The surface resists acid and alkali attacks from both food and cleaners, is rust proof, durable and easy to clean. The surface of your barbeque will last you a lifetime.

10 Year Warranty

A 10 year warranty on the hood and firebox means you can be assured of the Ziegler and Brown's unrivaled quality.

Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic