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Austwood Thredbo Insert Wood Heater
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Austwood Perisher Freestanding Wood Heater
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Austwood Hotham Freestanding Wood Heater
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Austwood Thredbo Freestanding Wood Heater

Experience the unparalleled comfort and efficiency of convection wood heaters, which operate similarly to the heating systems found in ovens or hooded BBQs. Instead of circulating warmth around your food, these innovative heaters distribute heat throughout your entire home, ensuring consistent and cozy temperatures.

Convection wood heaters are ingeniously designed with a cavity between the firebox and the outer skin. As the air within the cavity heats up, it expands and rises, drawing cooler air from below and forcing the warmed air out through the top of the heater. This continuous circulation creates a uniform heating effect, providing your home with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Explore our extensive collection of convection wood heaters, featuring various designs, sizes, and capacities to accommodate diverse home styles and preferences. Embrace the energy-efficient and consistent warmth offered by these heaters, and enjoy the soothing ambiance of a wood-burning fire while enhancing your home's overall comfort.

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