Brass Monkey fridge/freezer
Brass Monkey fridge/freezer

Brass Monkey

With Brass Monkey, you can easily chill your food and drinks wherever you are. No matter if you want to enjoy ice cold drinks on a day out or have enough food for a long camping trip with your family, you can find a Brass Monkey compressor fridge/freezer that meets your needs.

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Brass Monkey Fridges with Battery Compartment

With Lithium Battery Compartment

These models have a special compartment that can fit a lithium battery that can be charged by solar panels or removed for charging. They also have Bluetooth app control, and high efficiency compressor. They are ideal for outdoor adventures where you need reliable and flexible power sources

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Brass Monkey Standard Fridges

Standard Models

These models are the most affordable and popular ones. They have a black/gray plastic encased design with handles for easy transport. They also have Bluetooth app control, and low power consumption. They can be used as either a fridge or a freezer by setting the temperature appropriately

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Brass Monkey Upright Fridges

Upright Models

These models are more suited for caravans, boats, or permanent installations. They have a metal cased, chest freezer type design with a LG compressor for reduced power consumption. They have a single zone and can be used as a fridge or a freezer.

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Brass Fridge Cable and Adaptors


Essential accessories to connect and power your portable fridge with different sources and systems.

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