Barbeque Buying Guide

Barbeque Buying Guide

There are so many types of barbeques available in the market it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you and your entertaining needs. Barbeques Galore is a specialist retailer and we have put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you when going through the decision making process.


What fuel type do I need?

We know that convenience is important, but that’s not going to keep you from enjoying the Great Australian BBQ dream. If efficient cooking times is at the top of your list, consider an electric, LPG or natural gas barbeque; or a specialty set-and-forget pellet smoker so you can keep your guests company instead of the barbie. Or if you’re all about bringing that chargrilled baby back, then get the fire started with charcoal or Heat Beads. Select a fuel type below to learn more.

Factors to consider when buying a BBQ

What style of cooking do you enjoy?

Radiant Gas Cooking

If you’re looking to break up your daily meal routine with a bit of BBQing, then you’ll need an easy-to-use grill that is quick to heat up, like a gas barbeque. We recommend one of our BBQs with the award winning Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burners which are a fantastic way to cook your meat sealing in the goodness and cooking even the fattiest foods with minimised flare-ups. In turn, the RQT burners will deliver better flavour and texture to your meal.

RQT Gas Burners

Low 'N' Slow

If you’re a weekend entertainer who appreciates the gourmet taste of Low and Slow Barbequing, then a smoker is for you. Get serious about Low and Slow Barbequing with our range of Offset Smokers, Kamado's and Pellet Smokers. Our range of Low N Slow BBQs will get your meats cooking juicy and tender brisket, slow cooked ribs or pulled pork.

Low & Slow Kamado

Outdoor Entertainers Dream

Is it your goal to become the best outdoor entertainer on the block? Do you want to create a little alfresco luxury? Then a built-in outdoor kitchen might be more your style. More than just a barbeque, an outdoor kitchen creates a space to celebrate life’s milestones and to create lasting memories with friends and family. Achieve your desired look by mixing and matching BBQ islands, and modules. Choose from our range of high-quality brands, including Ziegler & Brown, Beefmaster, Alfresco and more. Let us help you transform your patio or deck into an entertaining haven that will not only increase your living space but will improve the value of your home. Depending on your lifestyle, budget and space available, you can configure your ultimate outdoor kitchen by selecting products from our extensive collection.

Built-In BBQs

On the Go Barbequing

If your idea of outdoor entertaining means firing up your portable BBQ in the great outdoors, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re cooking up a sausage sizzle at the park or even roasting the Christmas turkey for your family camping trip, we have the portable BBQ for you. From the simple and budget priced disposable BBQs, to the outstanding quality of our innovative Ziegler & Brown portable barbeque; we offer a comprehensive selection of portable barbeques to suit every budget and lifestyle need.

Portable BBQ

What is your budget?

Your gourmet grill skills shouldn’t be limited by your budget. We can assure you that whether you choose to barbeque, grill, bake, roast, smoke, stir-fry, rotisserie or sausage sizzle, we’ll have the right barbeque to meet your budget.

Entry level BBQs can be priced between $100 to $400, while mid-range BBQs are between $500 to $1000. These two price ranges would give you more economical value, and straightforward cooking. The higher end price range BBQs $1000-$10,000 can get more sophisticated with a combination style of cooking and unique features like burner technology, higher quality grade fireboxes and accessories.

How much outdoor space do you have? Is storage an issue?

Our favourite question. We believe that no place is too small for a BBQ. Electric barbeques are perfect for small apartment balconies. Do check your body corporate’s by-laws, you might have a gem of space for a kettle barbeque if there’s enough ventilation. Otherwise, there’s always the good old BBQ picnic at the local park with a versatile portable BBQ.

What is the barbeque made of?

Different barbeques and different parts of the barbeque use different materials, for example there is a vast difference in the performance of a barbeque with baked enamel finish and a barbeque with Vitreous Enamel finish. Stainless Steel Barbeques are not all the same. There are different gauges, different grades, different welding techniques; all these make differences in the quality of your barbeque. Our staff can demonstrate the differences between materials and show you how to verify if another barbeque brand is really what they say it is.

The shake test

The shake test can reveal much about how well a barbeque is put together. Too much horizontal movement is a sign of an inferior barbeque, specifically a poorly built frame. Often, makers of bargain barbeques cut corners in the materials they use and the design and construction process.

Why choose Barbeques Galore

We are proud to be Australia’s biggest BBQ retailer. With an unbeatable range of the best brands, you’re sure to find the perfect barbeque to enhance your outdoor entertaining experience. Our extensive collection of barbeques includes the awarded Ziegler & Brown range, Beefmaster, Billabong, Cordon Bleu, Downunder, Footymaster, Everdure, Kamado Joe & Pro-Q. We cater for the entire spectrum of barbeque enthusiasts - from the weekend camper to the deluxe outdoor entertainer. Our range includes everything from your classic charcoal, through to Ziegler & Brown’s leading technology in radiant barbeques.

Just like you, we’re passionate about entertaining in the great outdoors. That’s why we offer expert products, accessories and advice on everything to help you barbeque, grill, bake, roast, smoke, stir-fry, rotisserie and sausage sizzle. No wonder we’re Australia’s biggest BBQ retail specialist.

Barbeque Maintenance

Maintaining Stainless Steel

Frequent cleaning will prolong the life of stainless steel and help to keep the finish corrosion free. Rinse with clean fresh water and dry thoroughly. Remove ordinary stains with mild soap and warm water. More stubborn stains can be removed with commercial grade cleaners suitable for use on stainless steel. When cleaning off harsh stains ONLY rub in the direction of the polish lines or ‘grain’ of the steel. If especially rough cleaning is necessary, use ‘stainless’ steel wool or a nylon / plastic type scrubber. Do not use normal steel wool, as it will contaminate the finish and encourage rust. Test these types of scrubbers in an inconspicuous area first as they could mark or scratch the barbeque finish. Scratches in the stainless steel only affect the appearance and in no way do they accelerate corrosion. Scratches can be blended back into the finish by gently rubbing with the grain, gradually decreasing pressure as you move away from the scratch.

General Maintenance

When cooking is finished, brush excess food residue off the surface and then turn burners to high with the hood open for 5 minutes. This will burn off most of the grease.

Turn the gas cylinder off. Let the barbeque burn out then switch the barbeque burners off. This clears any excess gas from your barbeque hose.

Use Bar-B-Chef Foaming Oil and Grease Remover to heavily coat dirty hot plates, grills and racks. Leave for up to a few hours if necessary to attack fat, grease and carbon.

Half fill a bucket with clean warm water and using a barbeque brush or scourer constantly soaked with water, scrub the cooking surface thoroughly. Lightly coat your cast iron or steel hot plate with Bar-B-Chef Non Stick Barbeque Cooking Spray to prevent rusting. This is not required for Vitreous Enamel or Stainless Steel.

When the barbeque has completely cooled down, close the hood or weather lid to keep the cooking surface dry and rust free. Ensure barbeque is cool before covering with a barbeque cover. See manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance of barbeque body, hood and trolley.

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