Reverse Seared Steak Recipe - Low ‘n’ Slow Barbeque Recipe

Reverse Seared Steak Recipe - Low ‘n’ Slow Barbeque Recipe

Learn how to reverse sear a steak on a BBQ. Follow these steps as we take you through preparing the coal for your barbeque, making the steak rub mix and smoking and cooking the steak.


Prep Time


Cooking Time







Rub (1 part of each)


  • The best type of smoker for reverse searing steaks is an enclosed unit to retain ambient heat and allow smoke penetration. When searing off at the end, ensure the steak is as close to the high heat as possible to achieve a fast browning or light char very quickly. Leaving the steak over the high heat too long may dry out the steak. This recipe/process usually achieves medium rare to medium finished steak. Adjust timing accordingly for rarer or medium well.
  • Grass fed or grain fed cattle can produce slightly different results in flavour and texture. Grain fed (or grain finished) beef can provide a bit more marbling which can slightly alter the cook times and flavouring of the steak. Both grass fed or grain fed are great for this cook up but use this recipe and processes as a general guide.



Rest the steak after it has been rubbed for 10 minutes to allow the rub to activate.


Set up the barbecue or grill for Indirect cooking and place the steak on the indirect heat grill plate.


Add small amount of woodchips, chunks or fruit wood to lightly smoke the steak during the indirect heat process.


Using a temperature probe check the internal temperature of steak and when it reaches approximately 130F then place the steak directly over the flame or high heat to quickly sear and brown the outside of the steak on both sides. This should only take a few minutes total.


Once steak is browned or lightly charred on the outside, remove and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing and serving.

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