Transform your outdoor living area into an unforgettable gathering space with a stunning outdoor kitchen, designed to celebrate life's milestones and create cherished memories with friends and family. An outdoor kitchen goes beyond a mere barbeque, offering a versatile and inviting entertainment hub.

Create your dream outdoor kitchen by mixing and matching BBQ islands and modules, selecting from our range of top-quality brands such as Ziegler & Brown, Beefmaster, Alfresco, and more. Customize your space to reflect your personal style and preferences, ensuring the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

Allow us to help you turn your patio or deck into an entertainment oasis, not only expanding your living area but also enhancing your home's overall value. With options suited to various lifestyles, budgets, and available spaces, our extensive collection empowers you to design your ultimate outdoor kitchen. Embrace the joy of alfresco dining and elevate your outdoor experiences with a beautifully crafted and functional outdoor kitchen.

Built In BBQs & Side Burners

Upgrade your outdoor living area with more than just a barbeque for grilling; a built-in barbeque helps transform your patio or deck into a versatile outdoor kitchen and entertainment space. This enhancement not only expands your living area but can also increase the value of your home.

Allow us to assist you in creating your dream outdoor kitchen - a space perfect for celebrating life's milestones and forging lifelong memories with family and friends.

Our diverse range of product sizes and styles ensures seamless integration with your alfresco décor. Explore options such as 2-burner, 4-burner, and 6-burner barbeques, along with side burner add-ons to elevate your existing built-in barbeque setup. Design a truly customized outdoor cooking and entertainment experience tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.

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Alfresco Kitchen Co
Alfresco Kitchen Co

Design Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen, Perfect for Entertaining with Alfresco Kitchen Co

Modular Islands

Discover the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with our versatile Modular Islands, designed to elevate your alfresco dining and entertainment. These customizable islands provide the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience, transforming your patio or deck into a stunning outdoor kitchen.

Our Modular Islands offer a wide range of high-quality components, allowing you to mix and match cabinets, countertops, and appliances to create your dream outdoor culinary space. Choose from various sizes, materials, and finishes to ensure seamless integration with your existing outdoor décor and personal preferences.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of designing an outdoor kitchen that caters to your unique needs and lifestyle. With Modular Islands, you can effortlessly expand your entertainment area, enhance your home's value, and create unforgettable memories with friends and family while enjoying the pleasures of outdoor dining and grilling.

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Maximize your alfresco cooking and dining experience with Outdoor Rangehoods, designed to enhance both the style and functionality of your outdoor space. These rangehoods not only elevate the aesthetics of your area but also ensure cleaner air for you and your guests while offering added protection for nearby ceilings and walls against stains and grease accumulation.

Compared to their indoor counterparts, Outdoor Rangehoods boast superior air extraction performance, increased durability, and enhanced safety features around the flue kit. Experience the perfect fusion of style and practicality while enjoying the ultimate outdoor culinary experience with our selection of high-quality Outdoor BBQ Rangehoods.

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Complete your outdoor kitchen setup with the ultimate accessory - a Bar Fridge, designed to store all your cooking essentials or, more often, to keep your beverages chilled and ready for entertaining.

Our diverse selection of outdoor drinks fridges and beverage coolers, available in various styles and sizes, caters to every outdoor enthusiast. Whether you enjoy alfresco dining with friends or sipping a refreshing drink on a warm day, we have the perfect bar fridge for you.

Choose from single, double or triple door options, and an array of styles to find the ideal model that seamlessly complements your outdoor kitchen. Enhance your outdoor living experience with a Bar Fridge designed to elevate both style and convenience.

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Sinks, Storage and Accessories

Enhance your outdoor kitchen with our curated selection of Outdoor Sinks, Storage & Accessories, designed for both style and functionality in your alfresco living space.

Explore our diverse range of outdoor sinks, ideal for food preparation and cleanup, and versatile storage options to keep your cooking essentials organized. Complete your outdoor oasis with thoughtfully chosen accessories, tailored to elevate your alfresco dining and entertainment experience.

Embrace the perfect blend of convenience, organization, and style with our exceptional Outdoor Sinks, Storage & Accessories, and enjoy the ultimate outdoor living experience.

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