3x 10pc Eco Basic 23cm Biodegradable Sugarcane Dining Round Plate Picnic/Party

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3x 10pc Eco Basic 23cm Biodegradable Sugarcane Dining Round Plate Picnic/Party

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3x 10pc Eco Basic 23cm Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Sugarcane Dining Plate

Biodegradable Plates 23cm – Made from 80% Sugarcane + 20% Bamboo

Introducing the Biodegradable Plate 23cm by White Magic, the eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates. These 23cm plates are designed with sustainability in mind, offering a biodegradable and microwave-safe option for your dining needs. Made with a blend of sustainable and biodegradable sugarcane and bamboo, they are a responsible choice for reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener future. Here are the key features of this exceptional product:
  • Plastic-Free: These sugarcane plates are completely free from plastic materials, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic plates. By opting for these plates, you are actively reducing plastic waste and contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • 100% Biodegradable: These plates are made from a blend of sustainable sugarcane and bamboo, both of which are biodegradable materials. This means that the plates will naturally break down over time, leaving no harmful residues behind.
  • Microwave Safe: The sugarcane plates are microwave-safe, allowing you to conveniently heat up your food without having to transfer it to another container. This makes them a practical choice for everyday use and adds convenience to your dining experience.
  • Sustainable and Biodegradable Materials: These plates are made with a blend of sustainable sugarcane and bamboo fibers. Sugarcane is a renewable resource that regrows quickly, while bamboo is known for its sustainability and strength. The combination of these materials creates a durable and eco-friendly plate option.
  • Versatile Size: With a diameter of 23cm, these plates are versatile and suitable for a variety of dishes. Whether you’re serving appetizers, snacks, or desserts, these plates provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution.
  • Sturdy Construction: Despite being biodegradable, these plates offer a sturdy construction that can hold a moderate amount of food. You can confidently serve your meals and enjoy your dining experience without worrying about the plates losing their shape or integrity.
  • Environmentally Conscious Choice: By choosing the Biodegradable Sugarcane Plates, you are making an environmentally conscious choice that aligns with your commitment to sustainability. These plates are a step towards reducing the use of single-use plastics and promoting a greener lifestyle.
  • Perfect for Various Occasions: Whether it’s a casual gathering, a picnic, a party, or a special event, these sugarcane plates are suitable for various occasions. They provide a convenient and eco-friendly option for serving food and simplifying cleanup.
  • Easy Disposal: After use, these plates can be disposed of in composting facilities, where they will naturally break down into organic matter. This adds to their eco-friendly nature and ensures that they contribute to a circular economy.
In conclusion, the Biodegradable Plate 23cm offer a sustainable and practical alternative to plastic plates. With their plastic-free, biodegradable, and microwave-safe design, they provide a responsible choice for your dining needs. Upgrade to these eco-friendly plates and make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying your meals. ABA approved.

3 x 10pc Dining Plates