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Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic Drop-In Build-In Side Burner

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Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic Drop-In Build-In Side Burner ZGTCSBBIL 2
Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic Drop-In Build-In Side Burner ZGTCSBBIL 2 thumb
Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic Drop-In Build-In Side Burner ZGTCSBBIL 2

Product description

This side burner built in gives your Turbo even more power to expend your culinary repertoire! The powerful 17 Megajoules (MJ) side burner can be used with pots, frypans or dutch ovens to create food that ranges from stir fry's, soups to boiled potatoes or corn.


The powerful side burner is recessed to maintain a work surface when not in use and for better protection from wind whilst being used.


Create your own outdoor kitchen by including the Turbo Classic Side Burner as part of your easy to assemble pre-fabricated Turbo Island modules.


So don't go past the opportunity to install one today - contact your local store for further details.


*The BBQ support structure must be only non-combustible materials. Mandatory clearances shown on the product data plate to non-combustible materials must be observed. Barbeques are for outdoor use only. Measurements exclude any optional accessories and exclude detail regarding gas connections and gas cylinder housing. Do not commit to any design or construction expense without first verifying details from the actual product to be used. As specifications may change without notice, please verify any critical dimensions before purchase.



10 Year Firebox Warranty

10 Year Firebox Warranty

Purchase with peace of mind with a 10 year firebox warranty

Winner of the prestigious Australian Design Award

Winner of the prestigious Australian Design Award

The Ziegler & Brown Turbo is a step above the rest

Award Winning Range

The Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite scooped the prestigious Australian Design Award making it a step above the rest. The Turbo Classic and Grand Turbo also feature the same award winning technology making all three ranges a premium cooking product. All ranges also come with accompanying modules such as sinks, fridges and bench top space so you can go full alfresco and create your kitchen outside!

Lights First Time Every Time

Turbo flame thrower ignition means reliable lighting of any burner, first time, every time - no matches, no batteries, no fuss. The unique Turbo manifold system, designed and developed in Australia, delivers a more even gas pressure to all burners for more controlled cooking.

Turbo Series Review

Cooking on your Turbo - Pizzas & Baking

The Best Firebox In The Business!

The heart of any barbeque is the firebox. How well this is designed and built determines how efficient and durable the barbeque is. With the new Turbo, the fully welded, vitreous enamelled steel firebox has been completely re-designed and comes with a 10 year warranty. By fabricating the firebox and windshield into one piece, it makes for a much stronger, longer lasting frame.

How Does Radiant Quartz Technology Work?

The RQT ceramic burner and quartz dome combination deliver better cooking results by increasing radiant heat and reducing convected heat. This has two big benefits. Firstly, food dries out less because there's a lot less hot air movement around it. Secondly, it's a lot more efficient because the heat is focused directly onto the food rather than wastefully heating the air around it, which escapes quickly.

Dimensions & Specifications


  • Style
  • Type/Fuel
  • Dimensions: Height Hood Open
  • Dimensions: Height Hood Closed
  • Dimensions: Width
  • Dimensions: Depth
  • Control Panel
    Stainless Steel
  • Number Of Main Burners
  • Side Burner Type
    Cast Iron + Brass
  • Side Burner Megajoules
  • Main Burner Ignition
    Rotary Piezo
  • Warranty On Firebox
    10 Years
  • Assembly
    Some assembly may be required
  • Installation
    Please see installation instructions for further details

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