Beer Can Chicken Recipe - Low ‘n’ Slow Barbeque Recipe

Beer Can Chicken Recipe - Low ‘n’ Slow Barbeque Recipe

If you’re looking for a really simple recipe to try out on your smoker, beer can chicken is for you. All you need are a few simple ingredients – a large chicken, your favourite dry rub and a can of your favourite full-bodied beer to make this simple, flavoursome dish. Beer can chicken is the perfect accompaniment to a few afternoon drinks by your BBQ smoker and a great way to wow your friends, whether you’re brand new to the low ‘n’ slow movement or a seasoned smoker. Thanks to Australasian Barbecue Alliance founder Adam Roberts for sharing it with us.


Prep Time


Cooking Time







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  • Smaller chickens can take less time to cook, larger chickens can take longer.
  • If the bark is getting too dark, simply place foil loosely around the chicken – note, this will speed up the cook too.
  • If the liquid in the chicken is still pink/red, continue to cook until liquid runs clear.
  • The leg areas of the chicken may take longer to cook – always probe the thickest part of the chicken to ensure it is cooking all the way through.



First of all, lightly apply peanut oil over all areas of the chicken. Next. apply even coating dry rub over whole chicken.


This next part of the process is one of my favourites. What you want to do is crack one of your favourite beers, something with a little bit of body so we can get a bit of that flavour up through the chicken. What you need to do first is extract a bit of that beer out of the can so you can make sure there is enough room for steam to come up through the can and into the chicken.


After we’ve got the chicken sitting on the can, transfer the chicken and beer can to a tray to catch some of those juices so they don’t drip all through your smoker.


Smoke your beer can chicken at 225F for approx. 2-3 hours or until a nice brown/golden bark is present. In addition to the time guide, another all-important measurement you should take into account in terms of when you get your beer can chicken off the smoker is the chicken’s internal temperature. Ensure your beer can chicken reaches an internal temperature of at least 165F (175F is ok too). That’s going to leave the chicken really moist, but it also ensures it will be cooked properly. Slice the chicken to serve. Delicious!

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