Gozney Arc + Arc XL

Discover the fusion of cutting-edge technology and culinary excellence with our Gozney Arc and Arc XL ovens. Whether you're a pizza enthusiast or a culinary adventurer, these ovens are designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights.

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Gozney Arc XL Gas Pizza Oven - Bone
Gozney Arc Gas Pizza Oven - Bone

Features That Make a Difference

Both the Gozney Arc and Arc XL share a host of features that set them apart in the world of outdoor ovens:

  • Unparalleled Heat Control: Reach your desired temperature quickly and maintain it for consistent cooking.
  • High-Grade Insulation: Dual-layer insulation keeps the heat in, ensuring energy efficiency and uniform cooking.
  • Precision Temperature Gauge: Monitor your cooking temperature with ease for perfect results.
  • Removable Stone Floor: Mimics the base of traditional stone ovens for that authentic pizza crust.
  • Professional Quality: Borrowing from Gozney's commercial oven designs, these ovens bring restaurant-quality cooking to your home.

Cooking Beyond Pizza

While pizza is a passion, the Gozney Arc series ovens are versatile culinary tools. Roast meats, bake bread, and char vegetables with the confidence that comes from precision engineering and robust construction. These ovens are about bringing people together and creating memories that last as long as the durable materials they're built from.

Choose Your Companion

Whether you opt for the nimble Gozney Arc or its larger counterpart, the Arc XL, you're choosing more than just an oven; you're igniting a lifestyle of delicious food, laughter, and quality time spent with loved ones under the open sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

While both models share identical features, the Arc XL can accommodate 16” pizzas, whereas the Arc is suitable for 14” pizzas.
The introduction of the lateral burner marks a significant innovation. The Arc's lateral gas burner produces a consistent, rolling flame that emulates the heat of a wood-fire, offering precise heat control and maximizing space on the 20mm thick stone base for larger pizzas and easier maneuverability.
Additionally, a new digital temperature gauge allows for accurate measurement of the stone floor's temperature, enabling you to craft your ideal pizza to your preferences.
The lateral gas burner in the Arc simulates the expansive, rolling flame of a wood-fire found in restaurant ovens. This flame spreads across the dome, reaching close to the floor on the opposite side, ensuring uniform heat distribution and maintaining heat consistency, thanks to the oven's insulation and the 20mm thick stone floor. This setup not only allows for precise temperature adjustments but also expands the cooking area by elevating the burner.
The Arc XL and Arc are distinguished by their revolutionary lateral gas burners, a first in gozney lineup, coupled with a digital thermometer and a new exhaust system that enhances air circulation and minimizes soot accumulation.
These models are positioned in the middle of gozney pizza oven range, offering a larger cooking area than the Roccbox, yet remaining more compact than the Dome.
The Dome and Arc cater to distinct culinary preferences and needs. Dome stands out as a multi-functional oven, offering both wood and gas firing options and compatibility with a wide range of accessories for various cooking styles. On the other hand, the Arc XL and Arc, which are gas-only ovens, provide a solution for those seeking a high-quality pizza oven within a smaller space. Positioned at the mid-range of our product line, the Arc XL and Arc offer a larger cooking area and footprint than the portable Roccbox, yet are more space-efficient than the Dome and Dome S1.
While the Dome S1 is a gas-only variant of the Dome, maintaining the same dimensions and heat retention capabilities, the Arc XL distinguishes itself with its innovative lateral gas burner. This feature makes the Arc XL a more compact oven, specifically designed to perfectly cook large 16" pizzas, setting it apart from the Dome S1.
Our initial stock is limited and may sell out quickly. Should this occur, the Arc XL and Arc will also be available to pre order for next allotment.
The Arc XL and Arc come with an array of optional accessories for purchase, such as stands, boosters, mantels, covers, and a selection of new peels.
The Arc is designed exclusively for use with propane gas(LPG).