2x Nature Island Cork Chaos Bird/Parrot Pet Interactive Exercise Cage Chew Toy

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2x Nature Island Cork Chaos Bird/Parrot Pet Interactive Exercise Cage Chew Toy

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2x Nature Island Cork Mayhem

Nature Island Cork Mayhem is an ideal plaything for soft wood-loving parrots.

Composed of natural cork and sisal ropes, this toy offers plenty of amusement and entertainment for your feathered companion.

The toy consists of multiple corks of various sizes strung together with strong sisal ropes, allowing your parrot to chew, play and explore.

Parrots are known for their love of gnawing, and the soft wood of cork makes it an ideal material for them to indulge in their gnawing instinct.

The texture and shape of the corks provide a unique sensory experience for the parrot, which can keep them amused and engaged for hours on end.

The sisal ropes add an extra layer of excitement to the toy, providing a fun challenge for the parrot to unravel and gnaw through.

This toy is not only great for entertainment but also for promoting healthy behavior in your pet parrot.

Chewing on this toy helps keep their beaks healthy and trim, while also providing mental stimulation and exercise.

Moreover, the use of natural materials makes it safe for your parrot to chew on without any risk of harm or toxicity.

Dimensions Approx.:23 x 9 cm


2 x Corck Mayhem